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PORCH Brunswick Forest is an all-volunteer, grassroots hunger relief organization. We collect food and cash donations through monthly neighborhood food drives and deliver the contributions to food pantries who provide emergency food to individuals and families in our area.

We held our first food drive in January 2020 in the Shelmore neighborhood of Brunswick Forest in Leland, NC, and have grown since then. Our recipient organizations include Brunswick Family Assistance, Brunswick Senior Resources Inc., Hope Harbor Home, Manna Ministries, Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, Town Creek Elementary Schools, and the Brunswick Community College pantry.

The PORCH collection model simplifies the donation process as it brings the food drive to your neighborhood. We are currently holding food drives on the 4th Friday of the month (except in November and December when it is the 3rd Friday).

Next Collection is June 28. Thank you for your participation!

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Heron Pointe at Brunswick Forest

This month, we highlight “Heron Point”

From the beginning, Heron Pointe has been a neighborhood that cares about each other and cares about helping others – so going ‘all in’ for PORCH was a no brainer! In 2022, Trish Jegle, Lynnette Morrison-Norton, and Diane Fuchs stepped up to head the PORCH effort shortly after moving in to the neighborhood – when the neighborhood itself was just getting started – and the community jumped on board to support this great cause. As the neighborhood has grown, so has the commitment.

In addition to the monthly donations – reminders being posted in the neighborhood Facebook group as well as emailed to residents – Heron Pointe has added other fundraisers. Neighbor Renee Watson came up with the great idea to offer drink Koozies (complete with a Heron Pointe logo) for donations to PORCH. These were available at the neighborhood (dare we say legendary) street parties on 3rdof July (starting the Independence Day celebration early) and Labor Day and resulted in a total of $1000 donated to Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, the designated beneficiary of our PORCH program. And in the holiday season, numerous neighbors came together to offer luminaries for a donation to PORCH. On New Year’s Eve, those luminaries helped light the way into 2024 throughout the neighborhood while helping light the darkness for those facing food insecurity. This event raised $1260 for Mother Hubbard’s! We’ve also had other neighborhood parties – Movie Night, Ugly Sweater – where food donations to PORCH were encouraged. In Heron Pointe, if there’s an event happening, chances are there’s an opportunity to help PORCH.

PORCH is simply baked in to the Heron Pointe culture. We appreciate for the chance to give back and help others in gratitude to the broader community for welcoming us to our wonderful new home.

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Brunswick Forest

30+ Porches in 24 Neighborhoods

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Our Impact in our community

In 2023 we delivered 60,021 pounds of food and over $26,000 in cash donations to our pantries. One small donation at a time, together we can make a big difference in feeding the hungry in our communities. Pantries are very dependent on our contributions each month.

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How Porch Works

PORCH is built around the very simple idea of a neighborhood food drive. Here’s how it works:

  • Once a month, on collection day, drop off your food donations at the designated front porch (or garage) in your neighborhood.
  • Volunteer neighborhood coordinators host the collection sites, and then transport the donated food by car to one of our local food pantries.
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Be a neighborhood coordinator – Coordinate and/or host a monthly food drive at your house. Email neighbors and post on your neighborhood social media about the collection and items needed by the partner pantry. Then, take the donated items to your designated food pantry.

Donate food – Contact us and we will let you know if there is a coordinator in your neighborhood or where the closest drop-off location is that month.

To get involved, please use the button below to fill out our get involved form!

If you have any questions, please email us at:

Get Involved Form

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Make A Donation

Make a tax-deductible donation ordonate directly to one of our partner pantries:

Brunswick Family Assistance

Brunswick Senior Resources Inc.

Hope Harbor Home

Manna Ministries

Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard


Get Involved

To get involved, use the link here to fill out our form!

Get Involved Form

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PORCH Communities fights food insecurity by creating sustainable hunger relief programs at the local level. Started in 2010 in Chapel Hill, NC, PORCH has grown into a repeatable model of monthly neighborhood food drives and fresh produce distribution supplying food pantries, schools, and community programs across the country. PORCH’s volunteer network, now in 550 neighborhoods across 10 states, has contributed more than $12 million dollars in hunger relief.

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Brunswick Forest | PORCH Communities (2024)


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