B&W Trailer Hitches Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch (2024)


  • Solid, Machined 2 5/16" Ball
  • Durable Powder-Coat Finish
  • Only a 4" hole in the bed
  • Bolts to existing holes in the frame with no drilling or welding
  • Solid, One-Piece Machined Receiver Socket
  • Flexible latch pin handle attached to a spring loaded, 5/8" steel locking pin that goes completely through the ball
  • Hidden when not in use, so truck bed is completely useable
  • Easy to Install Yourself



I want to get a spray in bed liner. Should I do it before or after I have the Turnoverball installed?
Either way works fine. If you have the spray in liner done after the Turnoverball is installed, you have the advantage of the liner covering the cut edges of the hole in the bed.

How often do I need to grease my Turnoverball?
The great thing about having a square base in a round hole is that the dirt has a place to go. How much grease is needed is a function of how much it is used and how dirty the environment. If you notice that the grease coating on your ball is gone, it's probably time to apply more!

Will the Turnoverball work with a Body Lift or Suspension Lift?
The Turnoverball will work with a Suspension Lift, but NOT with a Body Lift. In order for the Turnoverball hitch to work properly, the distance between the bed and the frame must be maintained. A body lift separates these components.

I have seen a lot of products made by other companies that claim to be compatible with yours. Is this okay?
Other companies can manufacture items and even market them to be used with B&W products, but that does not mean that they are endorsed by B&W or safe to use. In addition, if these products cause B&W products to be used outside of the 'normal use' of the B&W product, then it voids the warranty.

What maintenance is recommended for the Turnoverball?
Apply white lithium grease to the Turnoverball square post corners as needed to prevent seizing.

I can't get my handle to stay out and it takes two people to operate, is this how it should work?
No. The latch pin system is designed to work by pulling the handle firmly outward until the spring is fully compressed, then rotating the handle clockwise about 1/8th of a turn. This locks the handle out so you can then turn the ball over. (See Image 1&2)
If the handle will not lock out using this procedure try troubleshooting with the following steps:

  1. Pull the handle out and allow to pop back in 3-4 times to clear any debris from spring.
  2. From under the truck check to ensure latch pin handle is properly bolted to the latch pin. There is a square tab welded to the end of the 5/8"latch pin. This tab should point up towards the bottom of the bed, and the loop of the latch pin handle should be on the cab (front) side of the tab. (See Image 3)
  3. After trying the two previous solutions, clip one (and only one) coil off the end of the spring. This may allow the spring to compress enough so the latch is operational. (see images below)

How difficult is the Turnoverball to install? Can I do it myself?
The Turnoverball is engineered to be installed easily. Because you don't have to remove the bed, weld, or drill through the frame, the installation basically consists of drilling a four inch hole in the bed and bolting the hitch parts to the frame. Some users feel comfortable doing this themselves, but most consult one of B&W's experienced dealers to do it for them. Installation times vary with experience of the installer and availability of tools (such as a lift or impact wrenches).

Will the Turnoverball work on trucks equipped with a Rambox?
The Turnoverball can be installed in trucks equipped with the Rambox option. However, you will want to be mindful of the inside turning clearance of your trailer. When Ram installs the Rambox on their trucks, it narrows the inside of the bed significantly.

How do I determine which Turnoverball model I have?
There are no model or parts numbers included on the Turnoverball. The best way to determine which model you have is to contact B&W and supply your truck make, model and year, a description of design details and photos of the side plate and center section. B&W can then assist you in identifying the unit.

I have a short bed truck. Will the Turnoverball work with short beds? Even 5′ 6″ beds?
As we all know, short bed trucks have become very popular trailer towing vehicles. The short answer is, “yes, the Turnoverball can be installed on every full-sized truck on the market.” That said, it is very important that turning clearance is considered for every truck and trailer combination that will be used.

B&W Trailer Hitches Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch (2024)


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