29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (2024)

My students love making macarons. Three out of my four cooking classes ask to make them. And when they ask, I do my best to provide- so long as they are good.

For some reason, I don’t struggle with this “hard to make” recipe. Here are some steps that help me:

  • I make sure to let them sit.
  • I have a silicone mat that has different sizes to make them more even.
  • I NEVER, EVER make them on days that the humidity is over fifty percent.

Now that you know the keys to making good macarons, here are some recipes to get you going:

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (1)

Macaron Recipes Worth Trying

1. Basic French Macarons

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (2)

When you start making Macarons, the best idea is to go with one that is a general recipe. What’s great about this as well is that you can change your colors as you see fit.

This particular basic recipe can be found at POPSUGAR.

2. Blueberry Cheesecake Macarons

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (3)

A blueberry cheesecake macron sounds divine with the fresh flavors of the macaron cookie and cream cheese, adding an extra little bit of creaminess to it.

This recipe can be found atTatyana’s Everyday Food.

3. Creme Brulee Macarons

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (4)

This particular recipe is one that we are going to do next Monday. We were going to make it before school got out for Christmas; however, I got sick with the flu and that kind of changed our plans.

I think my students were most excited about playing with the torch, to be honest.

This rest can be found at The Gold Teaspoon.

4. Cookies and Cream Macarons

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (5)

Cookies-and-cream is one of my favorite type of flavors for desserts adding it into a delicious macaron cookie is a surefire way to get me to eat one. Not that I need an excuse anyway.

This recipe can be found at Broma Bakery.

5. Eggnog Macarons

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (6)

Eggnog Macarons was the first recipe my class made when they started begging me to make this cookie recipe. They reasoned that they try to make it before and it always failed. It came out perfectlythefirst time we made it,and they enjoyed every ounce of this eggnog macaron.

To see the recipe for yourself head over to Baking Sense.

6. Coffee and Nutella Macarons

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (7)

I’m not sure if you had me at coffee or Nutella. Either way, this macaron recipe is perfect for the coffee lover and your family.

Head over to Baking a Moment to see it for yourself.

7. Adriano Zumbo’s Salted Caramel Macarons

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (8)

If you’ve never heard of Adriana’s Zumbo, then I highly recommend you get on Netflix, even if you have to borrow from a friend, and look up Zumba Just Desserts. Once you do that you will be very impressed, and want to make this recipe as soon as possible.

Miss Critique is where to find the recipe.

8. Butter Beer Macarons

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (9)

I already gave you a recipe for Macarons that would impress your coffee loving friends. This recipe will impress your Harry Potter loving friends. After all, who wouldn’t want a butterbeer macaron?

Head over to Chica and Jo to see the birthday party that revolves around Harry Potter.

9. S’mores Macaron

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (10)

Another macaron recipe that would be right up my alley as I love Smore’s and think that they are one of the best things for a party or an event.

To make this recipe even better, I recommend torching the marshmallows before you put on the extra piece in the middle.

Head over to Liv for Cake to see the recipe for yourself.

10. Cake Batter Macaron

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (11)

This is probably the next macaron recipe I’m going to make after we do the crème brûlée recipe.

I love this recipe for the cuteness of the multicolored sprinkles but also because I enjoy cake.

This is another excellent recipe from Broma Bakery.

11. Raspberry Lemon Macaron

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (12)

I am grateful for Tatyana’s Everyday Food because she does a lot of fresh macaron recipes. This recipe would be great in the springtime whenever you’re sipping a raspberry lemonade and eating a raspberry lemonade macaron.

12. Tiramisu Macarons

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (13)

My class that made the Macarons recently made tiramisu as well. To me, it tastes an awful lot like eggnog as a dessert instead of a drink. While very good, I’m looking forward to trying this macaron recipe and seeing if it taste similar to the actual dish.

Confessions of a Confectionista is where you can find the recipe.

13. Red Velvet Macarons

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (14)

This macaron recipe that was dished by Sweet & Savory, is one that I know will be equally loved by my students since red velvet is one of their favorite cakes to make. If you feel the same way,then this macaron recipe will be for you.

14. Pistachio Macarons

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (15)

A pistachio cookie lends a sweet, nutty flavor that people will love. If you don’t believe me try the recipe out for yourself; it can be found over it Broma Bakery.

15. Honey Lavender Macarons

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (16)

I will be making these at some point this summer I am sure. My sister is opening a lavender farm at her house in Michigan. The idea of creating a lavender based macaron is somewhat exciting to me as I want to find a way to include it in more of my recipes.

If you like the taste of lavender, head over to Hint of Vanilla to try out their recipe.

16. Blackberry Balsamic Macarons

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (17)

This recipe is on a website that is in a different language. You will have to translate it, but I promise you it is worth translating. If you like fresh tasting and want something with a little bit a tartness this is a macaron recipe for you so check it out of Foodlovin.

17. Designs of Star Wars

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (18)

The uniqueness of this macaron recipe doesn’t come from the flavors but instead from the design. Do you have a Star Wars lover in your house? Then this will be the macaron recipe for you. Yes, my daughter is looking at me like “Oh really?” She is the Star Wars lover at our house.

The recipe comes from Semi Sweet.

18. Pink Lemonade

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (19)

I gave you a raspberry lemonade recipe; this recipe is for pink lemonade, and the design of the macaron is a bit different.

For some reason I enjoy the sprinkles on the cookies, it enhances the look in my opinion.

This recipe is mentioned at Juniper Cakery.

19. Key Lime Pie

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (20)

If you love the sweet hardness of a Key lime pie, then I recommend you try this macaron recipe. You can jazz up the colors a little bit given that it is still a very mild color if you’re looking for design as well as flavor.

The recipe can be found over at with love and cupcakes.

20. Chocolate Macarons with Coffee Buttercream

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (21)

Yes, I am still stuck on the coffee macarons, and I am sure that I will be making some very soon. Considering this one has chocolate I think I should call it a mocha macaron.

This recipe can be found at The Catalyst: Cupcakes.

21. Unicorn Macarons

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (22)

I would tell you that I picked this just because of the design and I wouldn’t be lying. However, when I found out that it had cotton candy flavoring for the icing, I was sold. You have unicorn coloring and Cotton candy flavoring, and it’s a win-win, especially for the little ones.

This recipe can be found at the Southern Fatty.

22. Passion Fruit Macarons

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (23)

These passionfruit macrons are so cute, and if you love the taste of passionfruit, you know that it’s going to be a winner in your eyes. I love the freshness of a fruit flavor dessert.

If you feel the same way, head over to Tastemade, and check this recipe out for yourself.

23. Strawberries and Cream

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (24)

Passionfruit is a very flavorful fruit, so if you’re looking for something a little lighter, then the strawberries and cream recipe will be right up your alley.

Head over to Tutti Dolce to find the recipe and try it for yourself.

24. French Lemon Macaron

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (25)

I gave you a couple of lemonade recipes but here is a lemon recipe. This would also be a great spring recipe.

Check it out over at Sweet and Savory by Shinee.

25. Samoa Macarons

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (26)

If you like The Girl Scout cookies Somoas then you will like this French macaron recipe. Chocolate, coconut, and caramel are your friends, and you can find them over at Barbara’s Bakes.

26. Cherry Cheesecake

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (27)

These red white and blue Macarons are so adorable and with the flavor of cherry cheesecake, you know there should be a winner this summer.

Can’t wait that long? I don’t blame you! Head over to Baking a Moment, get the recipe, and whip it up today.

27. Blueberry and Marscapone Cheese Macarons

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (28)

Marscapone cheese has little flavor but great texture. This means the blueberry will shine through when you make these beautiful cookies.

The recipe can be found at Baking a Mess.

28. Ferrero Rocher Macarons

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (29)

I had these candies for the first time a few years ago and fell in love with the hazelnut taste.

Recreating it in a macaron sounds like a fun challenge. Check out Culinary Couture’s post over at BLOGLOVIN‘.

29. Champagne Macarons

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (30)

The light color of the macaron makes you feel like you should be sipping the bubbly. I’m a big fan of Lorann Oils, and the champagne flavor is perfect in this cookie, no matter how you make it.

Head over to Eats Well with Othersfor the recipe.

Conclusion to Macaron Recipes

I hope you got some great ideas to make these delicious cookies and feel you can do so comfortably. Just remember practice makes perfect.

29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (31)

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29 Unique Macaron Recipes Worth Drooling Over (2024)


What is the secret to good macarons? ›

The key to a good macaron is a good meringue, with smooth, shiny, stiff peaks. You can tell it's done when you can flip the bowl upside down and nothing comes out. The peak will be stiff yet still droop slightly. Start with aged or fresh egg whites and whip them on medium for a few minutes until bubbles form.

What are the biggest mistakes when making macarons? ›

Remember: even the most proficient of home chefs may need to practice their macaron recipe a few times before perfection ensues!
  • Undermixing or overmixing your batter. ...
  • Making the wrong type of meringue. ...
  • Not sifting your sugar and flour. ...
  • Not tapping the pan. ...
  • Not resting the macarons before baking.
Mar 3, 2024

What's the difference between a macaroon and a macaron? ›

Separated by more than just one O, macarons and macaroons may have similar sounding names, but these two cookies couldn't be more different when it comes to taste and technique. A macaron is a sandwich-like cookie that's filled with jam, ganache, or buttercream. A macaroon is a drop cookie made using shredded coconut.

What does cream of tartar do for macarons? ›

The acidic properties of cream of tartar aid in stabilizing egg whites, making them less prone to overbeating and helping to create a voluminous, airy foam. This is essential for achieving the desired lightness and structure in macarons.

What is the figure 8 test for macarons? ›

Drop the macaron batter off of your spatula in the form of a figure 8. The batter will stream off of your spatula like honey and the figure 8 should take no more than 10 seconds to sink back into itself. If it takes less, your batter was overmixed and is too thin.

How long can macaron batter sit before piping? ›

Generally, a folded macaron batter can comfortably sit for at least 30 min. to one hour while you go about preparing the other colors. There are 2 issues which will cause the batter to degrade at this point: deflation and drying out.

How thick should my macaron batter be? ›

Macaron batter should be mixed until it becomes like thick pancake batter, but not runny.

What is the hardest part about making macarons? ›

Hollow shells: One of the most frustrating problems is when the macaron shells turn out hollow. This is usually caused by overmixing the batter, which can cause too much air to be incorporated into the mixture. To avoid this, be sure to fold the batter gently and stop as soon as it reaches the desired consistency.

Should macarons be chewy or crunchy? ›

Although a macaron's shell should protect the rise and filling beneath its surface, you don't want your delectables to be crunchy or hard. Macarons should have a slight crunch with an overall chewy texture as one bites through the dessert. That texture is what truly makes a macaron marvelous.

What are the three types of macaron? ›

There are basically three methods you can use to make macarons: French, Italian, and Swiss.

Why is a macaron so expensive? ›

Macaron Ingredients Are Expensive

Unlike most bakery treats, macarons are not made with all-purpose wheat flour, which even a home cook can pick up at the supermarket for less than 50 cents a pound. Instead, they're made with almond flour, which costs more than nine times as much—and that's at Costco.

Why is macaron hard to make? ›

Macarons are notoriously finicky. Beat your egg whites too little or too much and you're left with flat macarons. Fold in your powdered sugar and almond flour a few too many times and the tops crack. Even a rainy day (something completely out of your control) can ruin them.

Why are my macarons not smooth and shiny? ›

There are three main factors that may prevent your shells from becoming perfectly smooth domes: graininess from undissolved sugar, graininess from undermixed batter, and peaks that form when piping. Here are our three suggested solutions to these issues. The essentials of a macaron batter are meringue and almond flour.

Why are my macarons not fluffy? ›

If the oven is not hot enough, macarons won't rise as air bubbles in the meringue need heat to expand to lift the shells, creating that pretty feet at the base.


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