10 Things You Didn’t Know about SolarMovie - TVovermind (2024)

10 Things You Didn’t Know about SolarMovie - TVovermind (1)

Just so you get the gist of it, SolarMovie is another streaming site that you can find your way to, but probably shouldn’t. Unlike Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and many others, just looking at the site and what they offer should give you pause. While direct to your house house movies are great and it does seem to save a lot on going out and spending the money it takes to buy a ticket or even renting a movie at a Redbox, there are sites that are better to stay away from simply because it might save you the time of wondering if you’re doing the right thing. Some folks won’t care obviously as streaming is streaming is streaming to those that don’t care where it’s coming from. But take the time to do your research on your streaming services and you might find that this is one that is best to avoid if you’re wise.

Here are a few things about the site that might help you make that decision.

10. The company is registered in the Philippines.

This should be at least a little bit of a red flag since a lot of the streaming services that are offered in the US are BASED in the US. While it’s not something that’s likely to scare a lot of people off there are those that like to think of accountability for a service being a lot closer to home just for comfort’s sake.

9. It features movies that are still in the theater and premium movies.

Premium movies aren’t such a huge issue since they seem to be coming out quicker and quicker as time goes by, but if a movie is still in the theater and is somehow being offered on streaming that should be a HUGE red flag. Just think, when was the last time you saw a movie being offered on a streaming network and in a theater when it had just been released for the first time?

8. The site doesn’t store movies on the server, it goes through third parties.

This site is more of a go-between that rests between the customers and the third parties that are obtaining the films, not legally I might add. It’s better to know just who’s providing your entertainment so it doesn’t end up becoming less entertaining and more worrying in the long run.

7. Taking the site down would be a headache for authorities.

The beauty of the site from their side is that they can take it down and set up a new server again and again and authorities have to take the time and effort to keep tracking them. And along with that is that fact that so many people seem willing to do this that getting them all is a task that there just isn’t enough manpower for.

6. As you might have guessed, the site isn’t exactly legal.

The illegal aspect of it is so minor that authorities don’t often seem willing to go after those responsible for it unless someone happens to get antsy and finds some spare time. They’re likely more diligent than this, but again, shutting them down is easier said than done.

5. The site does have ties to other sites that do show illegal content.

At this point if you’re still thinking of using the site then so be it, but there have been enough red flags thrown that it should be pretty obvious that they’re not entirely trustworthy and should probably be avoided.

4. If you get caught using the site you could be found as a guilty party.

Yes, if you do get caught the company isn’t going to bail you out since they’ll pick up shop and move on, while you are likely to be found out quicker than anyone since the average person isn’t as capable of deleting their entire internet profile and the authorities will have an easier time singling you out if they so choose.

3. There’s also a huge risk to your system if you do use the site.

The number of viruses that have been known to attack a person’s system with this site and others like it should be another reason why you might want to think again, and again if you have to, before clicking OK on anything pertaining to the site.

2. In all honest SolarMovie is taking only a fraction of the business that the films do elsewhere.

In effect the business they take away from the US is more like skimming than gouging since they don’t seem to do a whole lot when it comes to making a huge profit. It’s noticeable, but just enough that they’re on the radar.

1. People do sign up because the site is kind of cheap.

This is the reason a lot of people sign up to streaming after all, they want a cheaper movie experience that they can enjoy.

If you still want to try them then go ahead, and fingers crossed.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about SolarMovie - TVovermind (2024)


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